Hi! I'm Elise, the woman behind Honey & Vinegar.
After I went through extensive treatment for some crazy illnesses, my doctors told me to be super careful about what I put on and in my body — especially makeup. 
When I learned about the toxicity in almost all American makeup, I was shocked.
So when I started trying out clean products, dozens of amazing women from the chronic illness community, pregnant/nursing friends, and conscious consumer pals kept reaching out for recommendations. And honestly, I didn’t really have many that were accessible, affordable, and high-quality. 
I created a clean makeup line that’s those things. A love letter to women everywhere, inspired by my beautiful friends and family. I started with liquid lip colors that are high-performance, high-pigment, and with lots of staying power because you have more to worry about than reapplying lip color, tbh. 
I promise to always give you non-toxic products and to always put people (you) over profits, because you deserve it.